4 Quick Tips On How To Use Tailwind For Pinterest

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Keeping up with all the blogging tasks can be time consuming! Batch working and automating work is the best way to keep all systems a go. Tailwind is one way we do that here. Tailwind is an app that allows you to easily schedule your Pinterest pins. It has great features like recommended time slots and making lists of boards. Below are some quick tips on how to use Tailwind for Pinterest.

4 Quick Tips On How To Use Tailwind For Pinterest

1.Tailwind is a great tool to use to batch your Pinterest pinning, but don’t schedule too far in advance. Pinning one to two weeks at a time allows you to batch work AND still pin relevant trending content regularly.

Find trending content in the search bar at the top of your page. Click within the bar which creates a drop down where it recommends categories for you based on your boards and pins, what is trending and things to shop.

2.Make your life easier by using the automated suggested times to post that Tailwind provides. If you want to post more, simply tell it how many times you want to post each day and it will give you more times.

Something to keep in mind here: it creates spots in your schedule that averages out to be how many you want. Example- If you want to post 10 pins a day it might automatically put 8 on one day, but 12 another. This indicated more traffic happens on the day they chose to show 12 of your pins. But you are still averaging 10 pins a day.

3.Use the “Boards Lists” feature to add pins to multiple boards in less clicks. You can add boards to the lists as you add board to your profile. As you pin create additional lists if you find yourself adding pins to certain groups of boards.

If you post a lot of recipes you might make a Board List called “Summer Recipes”. Within this list you could include the following boards of yours: grilling recipes, yummy salads and side dishes. When you go to pin that grilled chicken salad you just click the Board List “Summer Recipes” which adds all three of your boards to that pin. It saves you a bit of time instead of adding each board manually.

4.Recently, Pinterest changed some of their best practices which Tailwind is trying to keep up with. Previously, you could pin the same pin to different boards at the rate of once a day without much issues. Now they recommend spreading them out further more like every 3 days. Tailwind will now give you warnings upon these recommendations to make sure you don’t get flagged as spam.

We hope these few quick tips on how to use Tailwind for Pinterest was helpful! We use Tailwind for all our clients and recommend it to everyone! If you haven’t tried out Tailwind yet you can try their free trial which allows you to post 100 pins for free. If already use Tailwind you might want to check out this insider information we got at our Launch Bloggers Conference.

What questions do you still have about Tailwind?

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