As a blogger myself I naturally started connecting with other bloggers. Then, as I grew my blog I started to pitch brands. Once brands were willing to pay me to work with them I would ask if they wanted me to connect them to other bloggers I knew who might want to work with them. It organically turned into what now has become a part of my business- matching influencers with brands for paid opportunities. 

Over the last year we have started having meet ups, an annual free conference and learning sessions from community members in addition to paid collaboration opportunities. And our community is growing! 

Although we primarily focus on Oklahoma events and brands there are times that those companies are looking for people outside of Oklahoma. This newsletter community is open to any US blogger or social media influencer!

For those who are Oklahoma bloggers our Facebook group will remain a place to connect locally and this newsletter will ensure you aren’t missing anything important from the group. Those outside of Oklahoma will have access to our online learning sessions and paid opportunities through this newsletter. 

The Launch Bloggers Community mission is to connect bloggers and social influencers with each other and resources that enable them to thrive. When we are developing and growing ourselves and our platforms we can confidently be ourselves while serving our communities joyfully!