Quick Email Marketing Tips From Laura Dennis

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Often times we are so focused on growing our social media platforms we don’t even think much about growing our email list. Personally, I believe our email list is our greatest asset. It is the one thing we own. For that reason I wanted someone to talk about email marketing at our 2nd annual Launch Bloggers Conference.

Laura Dennis, from Almost Empty Nest, and I were talking one day when she shared with me she had found the one big nugget that has helped her build her email list substantially. I was of course all ears. After chatting I knew she needed to come share at the conference. Since sharing at the conference I asked her to share four of her email marketing take a ways. That way even if you weren’t at the conference you can get some of her tips too!

4 Quick Email Marketing Tips

  1. Email is here to stay and is the best way to directly communicate with your readers. Social media is awesome, but you do not own it or control it. Do not trust your growth to something you do not own or control.
  2. Your opt-in should be thought of as your first product and that product has a price – an email address. Make sure it is good enough for someone to take a chance with you and give you their email address. (Think about what it takes for you to give yours when you visit other sites.)
  3. Write your subscribers at least twice a month. Once a month is too long. They may forget who you even are and why you are emailing them. If you only have time to write a blog post or to write your subscribers, write your subscribers!
  4. Your emails are a newsletter not a feed from your blog. The email has two parts. The first section of the email is “the letter,” where you share a little bit about yourself so that your readers start to feel like they know you. The second part is resources – links to blog posts, affiliate links, links to other bloggers’ posts that will be of interest to your readers, links to your social accounts, etc. Sometimes you can work these links into the letter part and that is great also.

Make sure to implement these quick tips in your email marketing plans. They are sure to help you grow your email list.

Are you asking, “What email marketing plans?! I don’t even have an email list!” That is okay too! You can start one pretty easily. I have used several email providers, but Flodesk is my favorite so far. Use our affiliate link to try Flodesk out for free for a month and get 50% off for lifetime right now which makes it just $19 a month for unlimited subscribers! I like how user friendly it is. It also is all very sleek.

What questions do you have about email marketing?

Let’s grow, connect and partner!

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